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Our Happinesz marketplace is a world of goods which are either handmade, homegrown, artisanal, eco-friendly, sustainable, environmental friendly, biological, durable and made with love and respect for all life on earth.
Meet talented artisans and responsible small shops.
These are the little businesses that make the difference and are run by responsible owners wanting to sell the best.
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Our Happinesz marketplace use the latest in anti-fraud technology. We use Stripe and Paypal and your confidential data are not stored and not shared or sold to 3rd parties. We handle this with the utmost care!

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Shoppers from around the world and Lovers of products that are either artisanally made, sustainable, eco-friendly, home grown, home made, innovative, unique, made with love, good for mind, body and soul, human-animal-or-earth friendly are waiting to see what you have in store.

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  • Philippe Saveryslaan 18, Temse, Antwerpen, Belgium, 9140

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